Muir Woods National Monument
What's the attraction: Even though the summer has so far been cool, it can still get hot in the Central Valley Muir Woods is a great escape to enjoy redwood trees that provide cool, dark shade for a stroll or picnic.
What to expect: The climate is cool and shaded with temperatures ranging from 40 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit. You might want to bring a long sleeve shirt if you tend to get chilly.
Even on a busy day, you usually can find a trail without too many people and take in the quiet habitat.
There are paved trails for the elderly and those in wheel chairs. Most of the trails are loops that take anywhere from a half-hour to two hours to finish. Some of the trails also continue into Mount Tamalpais State Park or go to Muir Woods Beach, where you can stop off for a quick dip in the ocean during your hike or on the way home.
Before you head out on your hike, you might want to stop by the Visitor's Center entrance to grab a map and check on the condition of the trails. There is also a gift shop and cafe, although you might want to just bring a sandwich for a picnic.
Lady bug paradise: Every year, lady bugs descend on the forest from the Central Valley in search of cooler air. When you visit, look for them in rays of sunlight or landing in clusters on fallen trees, limbs or plants. There will be signs along trails directing visitors to the clusters, or you can get the information from the Visitor's Center.
What is new this year? A fallen tree is a learning opportunity for kids and adults to learn about the anatomy of the giant trees. The tree fell on June 9 north of Cathedral Grove, and it is located near a creek with salmon fingerlings that you can observe on one of four bridges.
As with most of California's national parks, water is flowing faster than usual because of unseasonable rain in June.
Avoid the traffic jam: Parking in Muir Woods can be a bit tricky because there are limited spots and tons of tourists. Consider taking the Muir Woods Taxi, that runs from Mill Valley & Stinson Beach. For schedules and pricing, go to Better yet, reserve a room at the Stinson Beach Redwoods Haus Inn, -beach.com, , only 6 miles NW of Muir Woods, by way of Hwy. 1 or Panoramic Hwy. Either hike to the SBRHINN, from Muir Woods or hike to Muir Woods from the SBRHINN, to Pantoll Ranger Station & Campground then via the Matt Davis Trail, hike to Stinson Beach, to Belvedere St., distance 7 miles. The SBRHINN is located at #1 Belvedere & Hwy. #1, plenty of onstreet parking.
Directions: Take 101 north about 11 miles north of the Golden Gate Bridge. Then, get on Highway 1/Stinson Beach exit. Follow the signs to Muir Woods. For more information on directions, hours, and fees, go to /muwo.
Tips on Hiking in the West Marin Coastal Redwoods Area
Download Internet Site, "Marin County: A Wild Ramble, Near the Golden
Gate", NYTimes Reporters Multiple Days Epic Hike through West Marin
Trails to the World at Peace Redwoods Haus then over MT Tamalpais to
Muir Woods & Beyond,
travel.nytimes.com/2008/02/03/travel/03Explorer.html. See the Multi
Media slide show, of Trails & Views of West Marin. Discover, the least
priced but most enjoyable lodging in all of Marin County, the SBRHINN.
In the Spirit of the Season we invite you & yours to Promenade on the
Beach, scribe Love Letters on the Sand to one another on the the Edge
of the Pacific Ocean & the Bolinas Lagoon. Frolic in the Redwood Rain
Forests of the National & State Parks of West Marin amidst the
environs of many endangered species. Dine in the Shadow of Mt.
Tamalpais, retiring at the Redwoods with champagne-wine or port of
Your choice from Sergio & Susanas, Stinson Market by the Beach, select
from their fully stocked cellar of domestic, exotic liqueurs &
appetizers, , Roses can be
ordered, delivered & placed in your room, beforehand by Stinson's own,
Meristem Florists, . Wake up in the Morning to the welcome
smell of gourmet food preparation in our kitchen, designed to satisfy
your needs in both quality & quantity. We are a casual family oriented
establishment, emphasizing discussion & the need to free thought and
ideas, over breakfast, promoting Peace on Earth & Goodwill to our
fellow men and all the Species of our Planet, as well as interjecting
the need for facts, truth & reason to play a major role in our
democracy. We also provide full service, unequaled value and much
gratitude for your welcomed material & spiritual support as well as
many happy memories.Off Season. DAILY SINGLE PERSON NIGHT RATES*Sunday-Thursday*
-White/Redwood Room-$55. for a singlebr> Choose from our Comfortable suites
The Redwood Room: Queen bed ($55.si wkdys, Email/Call for Wknd
The Pink Room: Queen Bed & Futon Queen{doubles as couch}. $85.
wkdys, $160. wknds. The Crows Nest: Queen bed & futon
Queen(can be used as seating) Private deck & 360 degree picture
windows, featuring panoramic views of Mt. Tamalpias, Bolinas Mesa
Ridgeline & the Pacific Seascape *($130. wkdys, $160. wknds)Add $25.per room to above daily rates for IN SEASON
Add $25. to posted prices for extra person or canine.
Children and Pet Friendly....
About our Breakfast
Daily: MF - Prepared Ham & Eggs with tomatoes-onion-greens-potatoes,
Bread, Butter, Coffee, Tea, Milk, Fruit, Juice, Jam, Honey, Cereal,
Vegetarian Kiesch(French Toast, Pancakes by order}.
Our Sunday Special Offering
(ham & cheese, seasonal surprises) Eggs In Any Style
Grandmere French Toast Roasted Provincial Potatoes The Finest
Coffees & Teas Fresh Local Fruit & Fruit Juices
Additional Amenities: WiFi/Computer on Site
Cable TV/HBO VCR/ 400 Video libraryPiano, Acoustic Guitar, Percussion Insturments, Zen Buddhist/Rainforest Garden,
Biergarten w BarbequeBier-garten B.B.Q.
Bring your own fish/chicken/duck/lamb/meat
cuts/zucchini/corn/beverages and b.b.q. coals for B.B.Q. We provide
potatoes, rice, onions, bread, condiments.
Oysters: may be obtained beforehand at:: the Tomales Bay Oyster Farm,
located on Shoreline Hwy. #1, 4 miles No. of Point Reyes Station the
Hog Island Oyster Co. in Marshall(ask for John Finger, proprietor, tell him Dan Silverburg from Santa Cruz, his brother-in-law sent you) the Johnsons Oyster Farm on the
Point Reyes Peninsula.>
Where? Tell me, can your fill your lungs w the Pacific Breeze by the
Seaside, only 45 minutes away from San Francisco, in a zero tolerance
for smoking/excessive drinking family supportive establishment, in
either the White or Redwood Room[see pics, -beach.com or
-beach.de in German], for the unequaled rate of $55. a
day[Sun.-Thurs., in the W.R. or Redwood Room]add 10% TOT, for a single
person, w a queen-size bed, provided Cable/HBO TV w VCR & a 200+ VCR
Library, access to free long distance calling/computer usage/WiFi/ Fax
Machine, Meals, including Buffet Style Breakfast prepared by the
Proprietor & Guest Chefs
Eggs-Coffee-Tea-Milk-Fruit-Juice-Cereal-Honey-Jam/Maramalade-Brot mit
Butter-Ham-Potatoes-Wknd. French Toast. Potlucks, where all our
guests/friends get involved in, bringing
foodstuffs/preparation/bbqing/plate distributing & cleanup, playing
harmonious ad libs on guitars w Redwoods Piano & Trumpet
Accompaniment. Where you can speak your mind, share in multi cultural
points of interest at Breakfast, w fellow Guests/Friends at the Long
Tables of the Redwoods, over subject matter, that is seldom
encountered in the Establishment Media.
Welcome to the World at Peace Stinson Beach Redwoods Haus Beach, Bed &
Breakfast Inn, in the Socially Acknowledged Nature Loving Village of
Stinson Beach....brought to you by folks you should get to know, way
out West in West Marin. See our sites for pics: -beach.com;
or in German, -beach.de; phone . If you are coming to the SF Bay Area, for business or
pleasure, you will want to take advantage of our unparalleled rates
and unequaled benefits of being close to the City & Bay Area, plenty
of safe parking for non-polluting vehicles, services, peace, solitude,
beach, national parks, hiking trails, pristine coastline w abundance
of Bo Lagoon migrating birds, whale, elephant seal, tule elk, white
deer[locally called unicorns], mountain lion, bobcat, coyote, turkey
vulture, hawk, spring Monarch Butterfly Jamboree, great white and
animal species, all here on Natures Coast of West Marin & Stinson
When the Sun is out, a Vacation at the Shore is in. However you choose
to celebrate the coming of the Sun, May it be a joyous time for you &
yours . May love, joy, wellness, happiness & peace abound in your
Be sure, to leave the Greater Stinson Beach Area, as you
found our SW Marin Community, pick up litter, on the beach, in the
forest, protect our environment, shop w a environmental safe reusable
bag at the marketplace.
For updates on issues of the SW Marin Community & the S.F. Oil Spill
of November 2007, see the Stinson Beach Chamber of Commerce site,
-beach.org. Also, the Stinson Beach Community Newsletter at
Have your chance to see the Winter Migration of Whales, Seafowl and
Landbirds as well as the return of the Elephant Seals to Chimney Rock
near the Point Reyes Lighthouse for Spring Breeding. Experience the
herd of Tule Elk, bugling and competing to mate, off Pierce Point Road
in Tomales State Park in Point Reyes as well as the many species of
land and sea mammals/fish that abound in the Point Reyes Seashore,
Golden Gate National Recreation Area, and Mt Tamalpais State Park,
throughout the winter and spring season.
Cinematic History, Stinson Beach has been the setting and filming
location for several movies:
Play It Again Sam
The Fog Memoirs of an Invisible Man
Basic Instinct
On The Edge
The Unbearable Lightness of Being
The town was mentioned in an episode of M*A*S*H
Theme nights at the Coast Cafe in BoBo[Bolinas] every Monday Night,
decorated w antique wooden Kayaks hanging from the ceiling and buoys,
fishnets, multi colored cork ballasts everywhere.. Dining inside an
outside next to the oyster bar. Nautical, Open Water theme...
Breakfast Topics:
Share in the telling of the Stinson Beach Coast history: of its ethnic
diversity of explorers, pirates, 49ers and settlers over breakfast;
discuss why facts-truth-reason play such a minor role in our
democracy; receive Guidance & Individual Itinerary Needs of the
Greater SF Bay Area/Wine Country/Coastal Paradise; being part of the
Spanish then Mexican Rancho of Baulinas; discovery and claim of the
West Marin Coastline of Drakes Bay for the Throne of England by Sir
Francis Drake; 1800's Russian exploration and colonization as far
south as Nicasio from Fort Ross near Russian River; 49er Gold Rush
Pacific Ocean conduit to neighboring Bolinas Lagoon, then to the
Goldfields; building of the Laffalot[original name of the Redwoods
Haus] by Norwegian Ship Captain Nielson using pier logs that fell into
the Bay during the 1906 Earthquake, for footings; route of the Gravity
Train over Mt Tam, beachgoers after debarking, hiring drivers of horse
and buggy teams to bring them to the Laffalot; smuggling into Bolinas
fom the Pacific of-Duty free goods of the 1800's, Al Capones
Prohibition Alcohol from British Columbia and 60's Contraband from the
Golden Triangle; the colorful history of the Redwoods Haus-being an
inn then speakeasy, girlie haus/casino; neighbor to the 60's migration
of the Psychedelic Counterculture of the Haight-Ashbury with the
Grateful Dead and Jefferson Airplane to Bolinas; the Artistry/Openness
of Opinion and Environmental/Non-developmental Concerns of our
Community of SW Marin. br>
About Our Location:
6 mi. N of Muir Woods
6 mi. North of the Green Gulch Zen Center
16 miles South of Vedanta Retreat, in Olema
24 mi. SW of San Geronimo Valleys Spirit Rock Retreat & S.G. Golf Course
We are located just a short 40 minutes NW of San Francisco, 6 miles SE
of Bolinas and 6 miles N of Muir Beach
Bolinas is located at the southern end of the Point Reyes National
Seashore, surrounded by ocean and unspoiled parkland, Muir Beach is
off Shoreline Hwy. #1, only minutes SW of the Muir Woods Entrance on
Muir Woods Road. Because of the unique coastal position of Bolinas &
Stinson, the surf is protected from the winds and huge swells that
make other beaches in Northern California too dangerous for beginners.
Muir Beach offers more advanced surfers a differentiated plethora of
wave action. Please be respectful of town/village residents, pack your
trash when you leave the beach, be mindful of posted speed limits &
don't drink & drive.
Contact & View Pics
See our sites -beach.com; -beach.de in German.
Phone #s: Reservations- or

E-Mail: Paradise@stinson-beach.com
Address: #1 Belvedere and Shoreline Highway #1, Stinson Beach 94970
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 404 , Stinson Beach 94970
The Places to Explore
We offer information on all of the local natural viewing locations of
interest where you can see Whales, Seal and Elephant Seal colonies,
Egrets, Herons, Pelicans, and the Tule Elk. Visit the Sulphur Hot
Springs at Red Rock Beach , 4-5 days a month during negative tide
periods of the Full Moon, the Ocean rolls back, giving 2 hrs., to
enjoy the 110 degree heated Seawater, in a open pool of rock, by the
edge of the Ocean. Walk into the tide pools of Duxbury Reef during
minus tide, study close up the indigenous sea life of the Reef: Sea
Anemones; Clams; Mussels; Starfish; Crabs; Coral; and the reef fishes
in small pools of water.
On Visitors Days of the Week, walk down the 300 steps leading to the
Point Reyes Lighthouse, on the Point Reyes Peninsula, see the interior
and the antique beacon light of French Manufacture, dating back over a
100 yrs.
The Museum of Miwok Native American Artifacts at Slide Ranch;
Nicasios Russian Orthodox Church, dating back to the Russian Colonial
Period at Fort Ross; Smileys Schooner Saloon, an English Pub imported
in 1850, oldest functioning alcohol establishment in California;
Bodega Schoolhouse made famous in Alfred Hithcocks, "The Birds"; Muir
Woods Trail, the setting for Hitchcocks "VERTIGO", where Jimmy Stewart
followed Kim Novak into Muir Woods,on the Matt Davis Trailhead,
beginning at Belvedere in Stinson(Right up from the Redwoods, #1
Belvedere]; Skywalker Ranch, East of Nicasio, creative brainchild of
George Lucas; Peak of Sacred Mount Tamalpais-from which the viewer can
experience 360 degree panorama views, of the Greater S.F. Bay Area &
the City, Mt. Diablo, the Farollone Islands of the Pacific Ocean.
These and many more view spots as well as Treasures of Wild West
Architecture in West Marin Towns, will be addressed, directions will
be given & an itinerary for all points of interest in Marin, Sonoma
and the S.F. Greater Bay Area.
Gesucht: Deutscher Schreiner oder Zimmermann fuer Renovierungs- und
Reparaturarbeiten fuer Redwood Haus fuer flexible Zeit. Keine
Arbeitserlaubnis noetig. Kommen Sie zu uns an die traumhafte
Pazifikkueste. Sagen Sie dies all Ihren Freunden. Siehe unsere
Internetseite: -beach.de Kontakt:

info@stinson-beach.comNature of the Coast
Tips on Hiking in the West Marin Coastal Redwoods Area
Download Internet Site, "Marin County: A Wild Ramble, Near the Golden
Gate", NYTimes Reporters Multiple Days Epic Hike through West Marin
Trails to the World at Peace Redwoods Haus then over MT Tamalpais to
Muir Woods & Beyond,
travel.nytimes.com/2008/02/03/travel/03Explorer.html. See the Multi
Media slide show, of Trails & Views of West Marin. Discover, the least
priced but most enjoyable lodging in all of Marin County.
Marin County offers some of the best bird watching on the Pacific
Coast. The Point Reyes National Seashore offers some of the finest
bird watching in the United States. The PRNS, 70,000 acres of habitat
are host to almost 490 avian species, both in the park and on adjacent
waters. The PRNS coastal location and unspoiled habitats attract many
migrating and wintering birds. The Point Reyes area, Bolinas Lagoon
Preserve & Audobon Canyon Ranch, consistently reports one of the
highest tallies in the county every year during the Christmas bird
Best places to view birds in the Point Reyes National Seashore &
GGNRA: Bolinas Ridgeline;
Bo Lagoon; Audobon Canyon Ranch; Five Brooks Pond; Estero Trail; Muddy
Hollow Trail; Abbotts Lagoon; the Lighthouse rocks and cliff areas and
Bear Valley. Information: /pore.
Researchers at the Pt. Reyes Bird Observatory (PRBO) catch and band
birds daily from April 1 to November 30, leaving from the PRBO
facility located on Mesa Road in Bolinas, scheduled early mornings,
during the week. The most likely times to find birds are during the
breeding season in June and July. Visitors are welcome to visit all
four of PRBO centers in Marin. For directions visit
and/or the Stinson Beach Redwoods Haus Inn Site,

or 868-1034.
See harbor seals and water fowl along the shoreline while paddling on
beautiful Bolinas Lagoon. You will experience this extraordinary area
and its inhabitants at a relaxing enjoyable pace. Gain a wealth of
knowledge and skill on every trip making this a perfect refreshing
getaway adventure.
Commercial & Natural Sports
Kayak with Point Reyes Outdoors , 415
663-8192 Sea Kayaking Tours & Classes Guided Nature Hikes
Mesa Road in Bolinas: Visit the Point Reyes Bird Observatory and take
part in banding expeditions of migratory birds as well as study
statistics of their numbers and sightings Hike to Bass Lake on the
Panoramic Trail head, from the parking lot at the end of Mesa Road
See Agate Beach, where all the rocks are green agate.
Hike the many trails that abound in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area,
Mt. Tamalpais and Tomales State Parks , as well as the Point Reyes
National SeashoreTrailheads: Matt Davis; Steep Ravine; Dipsea; Lake Lagunitas; Kent
& Nicasio Lakes Trailheads Gather Mussels in Season, for ethnic & old fashioned
soups/stews. Dance at Smiley's Schooner Saloon & dance/dine at Rancho
Nicasio, Sat. Nights to live music.
Eat at your pick of 3 art bedecked and fine food dining establishments
here in Stinson & two in Bolinas.
Rent/Ride Horseback at Five Brooks Stable, Horse Rental, Open Year
Round in Olema. , Fax ,
Workout Regimen, Beach Accessories, Kayaks, Surfboards: At the Stinson
Beach Health Club, open daily, 7a.m.-9p.m.,, 3605
Shoreline Hwy.#1 , full range gym, offers weight sets, stationary
bikes, Pilates studio, w views of Easkoot Creek in a Polynesian
Village Natural Setting Ambiance. Stinson Beach Surf and Kayak
Co., same location, Rent and Sell Beach Accessories, Full Range of
Kayaks & Client friendly surfboards, Donny , cell 415
257-1831.Starting June 14th--Aug 31 our five day learn to surf adventure you will get in the water and on your way to building confidence in the fundamentals of surfing. Our surf camps offer a progressional instruction approach and have a minimum student to instructor ratio of 4:1. Our professional team consists of local CPR certified surf instructors and lifeguards with years of instruction experience on all levels to every type of student. Enjoy all the beauty and fun of Stinson Beach and Bolinas, bring your friends or come by yourself and meet other kids while having an unforgettable summer adventure that will change your life.RESERVE TODAY!!! Call . Email tommy@ganoubysurf.com for registration forms
868 Surf located in Bolinas, 6 Wharf Rd.
. 868 Surf Shop owner, Tom Glazey
High Tech Bike Repair by the Czar of Bikes, Terrence, Bo Bo Bikes,

Terrences Extensive Knowledge of what is right for your Bike. Annies Bookstore for Hiking/Biking Maps/Postcards,
SurfGear/Beach Wear, Live Water Surf Shop.
Many Villages, 2264 Hwy. #1, where you can select from a vast emporium
of indigenous jewelry, buddhist artifacts, sacred totems, folk art of
Bali, Handmade Oracles Mystical Talismans from the Island Jungles of
Thailand and the floating Villages of Indochina. Astute World
Expert/Time Traveler of White Light, Oshen, 415
***Every tues. of the week during the Parkside Restaurants, All You
Can Eat Night at $10. per person, 5:30-9:30, pasta, soup or salad,
reservations and info. at .
The Sandollar Restaurant in Stinson, , . Fine Dining both Inside & on the Deck. Offers not only great
land/sea food but musical entertainment on weekends.The newly opened Stinson Breakers, is a breakfast & lunch restaurant.

Stinson Beach 94970.

FAX: , Gallery Hours,
Sat.-Sun. 12-5 & by appointment. Acquire impressions of art from Paul
Redaelli, artist in residence, .
ONLY AT Belvedere at Pacific Coast Hwy. #1 (google map) (yahoo map)
cats are OK - purrr
dogs are OK - wooof
Location: Bkfst+WiFi+VCRS+HBO+Boogie+Stinson Beach

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